Stealth Hunter

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What is Stealth Hunter?

Stealth Hunter

If you were looking to play some awesome action-pack assassin games online, then you are in luck, since right at this moment our administrative team is delighted to share with everyone the game called Stealth Hunter, where you become a stickman assassin that has to do to their best not to get caught killing their targets!

Become the stealthiest of stickman assassins!

In each level of the game, you control your stickman assassin through a certain location, where you have to hide and attack the various stickman targets from behind, or from a secluded place, as you try to avoid their line of sight as much as possible.

To move around you use the mouse, and to attack you simply have to run towards your targets. Avoid the security cameras as well, and know that the enemies have guns, so when they see you, you will get shot.

Try your best to operate under the radar, survive each level, get lots of points in return, and then use them to buy new weapons, armor, power-ups, and skins that could help you a whole lot.

We want to wish you all the best, and we hope that you come back to our website day after day, finding and playing the best new games on the internet!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.