Pigeons Pigeons

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Pigeons Pigeons
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What is Pigeons Pigeons?

Pigeons Pigeons

Birds shooting games are always going to be classic browser games online, since even in real life people hunt birds using guns, and today you are going to do that with pigeons, which is great for all of you out there who don't like these birds that have the bad habit of sometimes pooping on your car, or even directly on people.

Shoot down all the pigeons!

In every level, you have multiple pigeons to shoot down, and only when all have been defeated will you have cleared the level, so make sure not to waste the limited number of bullets you have, because if you miss shooting the pigeons too many times, you will fail the level.

The target of your gun will move around the screen at its own pace and in the direction it wants, so watch for the moment it is hovering right over a pigeon, and you then have to tap and click on the screen to shoot down the pigeons.

Each new level will require you to be more focused than before, so try your best the more that you play, complete all the levels, and have fun as only on our website is possible to have it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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