Detective Loupe Puzzle

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What is Detective Loupe Puzzle?

Detective Loupe Puzzle

Detective Loupe Puzzle is another kind of hidden objects game and puzzle game online, one unlike you've played on our website before, which is precisely why sharing it with you all right now was important!

The name of this mustached detective comes from the fact that he uses a magnifying glass as his main tool to solve mysteries, and you will help him with your keen sense of observation!

Help the detective find the items, and solve the cases!

For example, the first case you have to solve is one where you see a picture of two girls taking a selfie on the road, while a car is coming towards them from the tunnel. Click on the car, since you have to identify the danger.

Now, then, the detective tells you that the girls have never been actually in danger, and if you click on the picture anywhere, it is revealed it was only a background poster for their photo.

These are the kinds of puzzles you will have to solve here, and we are sure that each new challenge, albeit harder than the one before, will be even more exciting and fun! Start the adventure now, don't miss it!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.