TRZ Battleship

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What is TRZ Battleship?

TRZ Battleship

These days, it's not that simple to get together with other people and play board games, with the virus and all of that, which is why online board games are the next best things, even more so because technology allows for them to be recreated faithfully, and, sometimes, they are even better thanks to this environment, just like we bet is going to be the case right now with TRZ Battleship!

Sink enemy ships to win the war on the waters!

You will have to first position your own ships on the battlefield, so try to place them in tricky angles and spots, so that it will be hard for the CPU to shoot them down. You will then take turns in sending bombs and rockets over the other side of the water to try and sink the enemy ships.

To do so, pick spots by choosing the intersections between columns and rows, such as B5, G7, A10, and other positions in this way, so that you completely destroy all the ships of the enemy first, which is when you will achieve victory.

Good luck we want to wish you all, we hope you've got great focus and strategies, and, of course, we hope to see more of you here, since new and awesome games are always right around the corner!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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