Squid Challenge Escape

Squid Challenge Escape

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Squid Challenge Escape
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Squid Challenge Escape Overview


We are always planning on making our Squid Game category even better than it was before, which is why we don't hesitate to bring along for you new content in it, as often as possible, just like we are doing at this moment with this new puzzle, action, and shooting game all in one, with a premise different from everything else you've played here so far, so you HAVE to check it out!

Escape the Squid Challenge alive and with lots of money!

There are four types of cannons you will be able to get through the game, but you need to earn cash and coins to buy them. They are:

  • Single Cannon
  • Roc Cannon
  • Large Cannon
  • Ultimate Cannon

The shop has also tons of other upgrades, gear, and fun stuff we definitely recommend that you buy and later on use in the levels that get progressively harder!

Use the right and left arrow keys to move, and press the spacebar to jump. Your player shoots at the guards and robots you encounter automatically, so help him avoid their shots, attacks, and make sure you're not bumping into them.

Proceed a distance as big as possible as you keep shooting your enemies, and getting lots of coins in return, sometimes by picking them up from the enemies you've defeated. The better you do, the more stars you earn as well!

Good luck, we wish you all the best, and clearly invite you to check out more awesome content that this page has to offer you, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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