Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival

23.12.2021 667 5 votes

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What is Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival?

Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival

Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival takes things further for all those of you who love pixel games, zombie games, and action games with cars games, and for all of you who are big fans of this combination we knew that we had to share with you this awesome new addition, which takes everything you loved about the original iteration and makes it all even more exciting!

Derby through the pixel zombies for your survival!

Tap and hold on to the throttle button to accelerate with your huge zombie-ready car in order to rush through them and the obstacles on the road, gaining points the more zombies you kill, and the more destruction you cause.

Bumping into zombies and obstacles causes damage to your car, so be careful about that, because if your health bar completely depletes, you lose and have to start again from scratch.

At each level, there is a course to complete, at the end of which you earn rewards and might even find and save survivors. Hit the firing button to shoot the guns on your car, and reload the ammo when possible and when you find it on the road.

Each new course will have more obstacles, more zombies, but also more chaos for you to create, and we're sure that you will have endless fun through the never-ending pixel zombie apocalypse. There have already been 1,618 days of it, but more are coming!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.