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What is is the best alternative to monopoly, even more so if you love playing multiplayer board games more than ones where you face the computer, because this is the kind of experience we invite you to have right now, and we are positive you will really enjoy it, from start to finish, just like we have had!

Play and rule the economy!

Choose a nickname, enter a room, or create one yourself and wait for other players to enter. All the players start with a fund of 1500 dollars, and in turn, they throw the dice, which shows how many moves you can make. If you land on doubles, you can make another dice throw.

If you have enough money to buy the piece of land or house your piece has moved on, buy it, and people who drop on it will have to pay you to rent in order to stay there, earning you more money.

Just like in Monopoly, strive very hard to earn more than the other players, acquire more proprieties, and be the richest in the room and on the map to win. Start now, and give it your best!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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