Run Destiny Choice

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What is Run Destiny Choice?

Run Destiny Choice

Run Destiny Choice brings back the trending format of running games 3d that you can play on our website in many variants, with this one having a simple goal of reaching your destiny, whether that will be a good one or a bad one. Your run will show you the answers!

Run and choose your destiny!

Use the mouse by dragging it left and right to control your female avatar, with which along the way you will make choices to collect items, which can be good or bad. Bad items can be evil books, good items can be halos. Either way, when you move through the gates of the devils, anything good will be cut out of your score.

Depending on what you collect along the way and through which gates you choose to enter (studying vs playing), you will turn demon or angel, but also can be natural. No matter the case, make sure you don't fall into the water, or the other traps laid out in front of you since dying means having to start each run again from the start point.

Now that we've explained the simple yet fun premise of this game, trying it out right now should be a must, even more so if you're new to this new world of running games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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