Sonic Adventure 64

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What is Sonic Adventure 64?

Sonic Adventure 64

Sonic Adventure 64 is yet another amazing retro Sonic game that has been emulated free of charge on our website, you can now play directly from your browsers and have fun doing so without having to dust up some old consoles from your basement, as here at our website, we make gaming easy!

Get ready for the Sonic 64 Adventure!

Through multiple levels and locations, you will explore your surroundings in the search of the emeralds, and along the way collect as many rings as you can, which you find along the way, so that you increase your score, and don't hesitate to grab power-ups, which are always a mainstay of platformer games.

Watch out for monsters, traps, and obstacles along the way, because if you hit into them and lose all your power, and your lives, you will lose the game and be forced to start all over again from scratch, of course. Use T, G, F, H to move around, R for the cluster, Z for chamber change, and X for action, impact, or to skip a scene.

The world is large and filled of fun, as it's always the case with Sonic, so we invite you to start all the fun right now, you are not going to have one moment of boredom, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the T, F, G, H, R, and Z X keys.

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