Bartender: The Celebs Mix

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What is Bartender: The Celebs Mix?

Bartender: The Celebs Mix

To be a Bartender, even an online one, means to know how to make all the celeb mixes, meaning signature cocktails and drinks that have remained popular and requested by clients for decades and maybe even more, and this is what you attempt to make right now with yet another one of our best bartender games online!

Bartender: The Celebs Mix, a new challenge!

Each client will tell you what mix they want, but only through name, so click on the bartender to see the shapes of the bottles you need to mix, as well as other ingredients such as fruits, ice, and other components that can appear in a cocktail.

In front of you there is the whole bar with everything you would need to make it, so click on the items correctly, mix them together, and finish the drink in time to advance to the next client, as customers are always waiting.

The better you perform, the better rated you become, and you earn more money in return since a good bartender will always get lots of tips. Don't wait, but start the fun right now, only here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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