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Mad Defense

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Mad Defense
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Mad Defense Overview


Mad Defense is here to raise the level of our strategy and tower defense games online on our website, a genre we know how much people love, which is why we never hesitate to add more of them since you get to attempt military performance just like many generals through history. Don't get mad if you lose, despite the game's title!

Find a Mad Defense to protect against enemies!

Each level features a new location on the map, so try your best to protect each of them from the oncoming waves of enemies, and when all have been defeated, you will have cleared the stage.

The title comes from the fact that you play the role of a mad scientist whose robotic creations have rebelled, so you now have to shoot them down and defeat them.

From the towers of your kingdom, aim and shoot at the waves of enemies with the mouse on your PC, or finger on your mobile devices, and do not let them hit your walls too much, because if your health bar gets depleted, you lose.

You also have buttons that you can click on to activate special attacks but know that you can only use them when you have enough energy to do so.

Of course, as you defeat enemies you can also earn coins, so try to gain a war chest as big as possible, you will need it for upgrades and power-ups.

Let the war begin right now, have the best time possible, and don't hesitate to share the game with your friends as well, why would they not want to play it too?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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