Tank Smash Zombie Highway

Tank Smash Zombie Highway

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Tank Smash Zombie Highway
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Tank Smash Zombie Highway Overview


Welcome to Tank Smash Zombie Highway, one of the best new action-packed games online with zombies in 3D, where you use one of the best vehicles that you can ever drive against an army of undead, and that is a tank, because it is big, and it also has a cannon, so the lifeless bodies walking around will stand no chance!

Smash the zombies on the highway with your tank!

Use the mouse to direct the tank that moves forward automatically if you're playing on a PC, and use the finger if you're playing on a mobile device, as this game is playable on phones and tablets too.

Move so that you hit the zombies and get points in return, but be careful to avoid the debris and various obstacles on the highway, since they damage your tank, and if your health icon represented by the wrenches on the top right gets empty, you totally lose.

Pick up fuel as well, since running out of it means stopping and getting swarmed by the waves of zombies. Let's begin the fun right now, and make sure to tell your friends about this game as well, because the more people here, the better!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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