Bat Attitude

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Bat Attitude
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What is Bat Attitude?

Bat Attitude

Bat Attitude is one of the newest Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart Games online on our website, a category of Cartoon Network Games we are delighted to revisit right at this moment, since new content had not been added in it in quite a while, making this a fresh experience for you, as this format has also not seen before, and it is really cool to see Adorabat take the center stage as the protagonist of it!

Have a Bat Attitude to save your friends!

The friends of Adorabat have been caught in ropes between two buildings, so as he slides down on them when he is in front of the ropes, press the spacebar to jump to the other wall, and through the jump cut down the animals from the ropes with his sword.

As you slide down the walls, make sure to avoid the various obstacles that are sticking out of them, because if you bump into them you die and your run stops there.

Instead, the more you descend and the more friends you free by cutting them down from the rope, the bigger your score becomes, so aim for a big one each run!

How to play?

Use the spacebar.

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