Hand Me the Goods

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What is Hand Me the Goods?

Hand Me the Goods

Hand Me the Goods is one of the best spins we've ever seen on Handless Millionaire Games, quite a popular format of skill games online, as in this one, instead of taking part in a competition on TV, you are actually a robber trying to get money from a safe, which has a seesaw as a safety precaution.

Hand Me the Goods: steal money, don't lose your hand!

Use the mouse to move your hand through the guillotine, grab the money, and then return the hand to safety before the knife falls down and cuts your hand because if that happens, you lose. For each level, you earn more money in return, but at the same time, the knives get more random and faster in movements, so you need to be more skilled and focused as well.

The concept is that easy and fun, so start the game right now, enjoy your time to the fullest, and make sure to stick around for more awesome games to come here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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