Noob Long Hand

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Noob Long Hand
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What is Noob Long Hand?

Noob Long Hand

Noob Long Hand is a tremendous new skill and adventure game online set in the world of Minecraft Games, where things will get even blockier than before because even the Noob character is now a block, a block that you need to help extend his hands to reach his destination, something we will show you how to do right now and here!

Use the Long Hand of the Noob to hit your goals!

The goal you have in each level is quite simple, to help the Noob get the key first, and then use it to open up the chest, which is when you will have cleared the level.

To achieve that you will use the mouse to extend your long hand along the walls, using bouncy items and various other power-ups alongside them to get the upper hand.

Each new level features a maze that is more difficult than the one before, but we're sure that if you focus enough, you are going to complete them nonetheless, and finish the whole game. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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