Black Stallion Cabaret

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What is Black Stallion Cabaret?

Black Stallion Cabaret

Welcome to Black Stallion Cabaret, a new interactive-adventure game with an action set in a world that blends the grittiness of the Wild West with dragons, creatures, and supernatural things, a game that mixes retro punk with fantasy unlike anything before it, so playing it right at this moment is a must, believe us!

Lead your Black Stallion Cabaret to victory!

The Black Stallion is actually an armored trained, and you will have to lead and equip it through the desert where there will be enemies such as creatures at various spots, so make sure to win all the fights you take part in.

After your first fight you earn some coins, so make sure to take those coins and use them to merge equipment of the same kind to create one of a bigger level, just like in merging games.

Using this method you will make the armored train stronger, because you need to have bigger and better weapons so that you defeat the enemies and creatures down the tracks, which will always get stronger too, fight after fight.

Of course, you can also make design changes to the train, which will become your home in these new adventures you're about to embark on! Enjoy, and success we wish you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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