Animalon: Epic Monster Battle

Animalon: Epic Monster Battle

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Animalon: Epic Monster Battle
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Animalon: Epic Monster Battle Overview


With Animalon: Epic Monster Battle you are going to play one of the best Pokemon-inspired games online on our website, since the premise of fighting animals that have superpowers is one that will never go out of style, and new and fresh takes like this one are surely appreciated, as we did, and as you will right now!

Win the Epic Monster Battle of Animalon online!

First off, choose if you want to be the Boy trainer or the Girl trainer, and then try completing all the levels, each one featuring a more powerful rival trainer, with bigger and better monsters, but you will upgrade your levels of strength as well, and your arsenal of creatures.

Use the mouse to click on three buttons on the top right, one for attack moves, one for defensive shields, and one for special attacks. You will have them at level 0 for starters, but as you win battles, they all get more powerful. Fight until you've depleted the other trainer's health bar from 60 to 0, and then you win!

Good luck we wish you in all your upcoming creature battles, at the end of which we hope you will become a legendary fighter of the Animalon world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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