Wings Rush Forces

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What is Wings Rush Forces?

Wings Rush Forces

Wings Rush Forces is a brand new platform-adventure game with running and jumping, where you once again control the blue bird that has been inspired by Sonic, as it looks just like him, but it is another kind of animal, with whom we are sure you will still have plenty of fun, as you will never go wrong with content on this page!

Join the Wings Rush Forces and have fun!

To control the birds use either the arrows or the WASD keys, using them to run and jump, and reach the end of each level without hitting spikes, robots and other enemies, or any kinds of traps, because if you lose all your three lives, you also lose the level.

As you advance through the courses, no matter how hard they get, do your best to collect as many rings as possible, since that is how you make your score, so the bigger score you make, the better. It's really that simple, so now that you know, start the fun and stick around for more of it to come!

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How to play?

Use the WASD keys or the ARROWS.