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Nend.Io Overview


Nend.Io is a different kind of multiplayer io game from most of the ones we usually offer here because what you will be doing is not eating or fighting, but trying to survive in the big city, a pixelated one, for that, as you give your best in conquering it and becoming the richest, richer than other players attempting to do the same!

Nend.Io - a city survival io game!

Walk through the city with your first basic avatar, which you will be able to upgrade with new designs and clothes as you keep earning more money. Pick up cash from the sidewalks, or go to work in an office building to sit on the computer and earn even more.

Of course, investing back is the key to getting rich, so buy and sell buildings, and upgrade your skills always, so that you become better equipped to deal with anything thrown your way.

Move with WASD, hit with left click, E to interact, M for the map, right-click to delete items you own, and enter to chat with other players, as the game also has a social aspect.

Now that you've surely understood all this, give the game your best right away and have tremendous fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, enter, E, mouse, M.

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