Mondays: a Sisyphean Typing Game

Mondays: a Sisyphean Typing Game

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Mondays: a Sisyphean Typing Game
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Mondays: a Sisyphean Typing Game Overview


A typing game featuring the mythology of Sisyphus is certainly not something you might have thought would appear today on our website, but you know we love being full of surprises, just like is the case at this moment, when you're invited to play this typing game unlike any others before it and live through an endless stream of Mondays!

Play a Sisyphean Typing Game to survive countless Mondays!

The game combines myth and the past with the present. That is because you need to help Sisyphus push the boulder up the mountain, and to do that you need to type in the texts you get as e-mails on a Monday, using the keyboard to press the same keys to type out the words correctly.

Register your account and then let the fun begin, after which we definitely invite you to check out more games in this category, you will see just how amazing they are too!

How to play?

Use the keyboard.

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