Pop Balloon

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Pop Balloon
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What is Pop Balloon?

Pop Balloon

Pop Balloon is a game added here because we know how much you enjoy these online casual games with skill elements where you have to give your best in popping balloons in creative ways, which is fun in real life too, but you can make a lot more interesting pops in this virtual space!

Pop the Balloon online and have fun!

The tool you use in this game to pop balloons is a thorn, so use the mouse to drag it, and then release it to launch, after you're set on the angle and power you want to shoot it with.

All the balloons need to be blown up for you to clear a level, so figure out the best path to shoot it, as, as you will see, each level has the balloons in different kinds of boxes, some easier, some more difficult.

Get points in return, and extra points by hitting the multiply meter at the end of each stage. Good focus, skill, and tons of fun we wish you right now, inviting you to play even more of our amazing daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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