Stumble Boys Match

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Stumble Boys Match
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What is Stumble Boys Match?

Stumble Boys Match

Welcome to Stumble Boys Match, one of the best new multiplayer action games featuring players from all across the world who will try stumbling their way towards victory, in a game that is both fun and funny all at the same time, and really exciting guaranteed, as always!

Who will win the Stumble Boys Match online? Hopefully you!

In this game, you enter in competition with up to 32 players, and if you win a round, you go on and continue to the next one, with the number of contestants getting cut level after level, so you are trying to survive until the end and become the final player, which is when you achieve victory.

To move your character, simply use the arrows or the W, A, S, D keys. You will need to drop with the last tiles, you will try grabbing the tail until the end of the time, or remember where the tiles with fruits are, stand on them, as the other ones will fall down to the bottom with you on them.

You will run, dash, jump, and do other crazy actions like that, maybe even have bombs explode around you, with dynamic settings and arenas where the quicker you are on your feet, the better. We wish you the best, fun as only here is possible,

How to play?

Use the arrows/wasd keys.

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