Street Fight Match

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What is Street Fight Match?

Street Fight Match

If you don't like playing Street Fight Match, then you don't know what's good for you, as this is one of the best street fighting games 3D online we've had on our website so far, and the main reason for that is because it also combines with the match 3 games genre, and it is heavily inspired by Power Rangers/Super Sentai, as you can see as soon as you start it!

Match and win the Street Fight!

With your Red warrior, you will encounter one monster and enemy after another, on the streets of the city you protect, and you have to fight and defeat them by depleting their health bar totally before they can do the same to you first.

You fight in turns, and when yours come, you need to accumulate energy for the fighter, and to do that you need to match the food. Use the mouse to draw lines between at least three food items next to one another.

The more food you match at once, the more powerful the attacks are, so look for big streaks. Each new enemy is more powerful than the last, so you also need to get better.

Good luck we wish you all, and if you think your friends would also like this game, why don't you recommend it to them and send over a link? We're waiting for them!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.