Point Rescue Arcade

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Point Rescue Arcade
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What is Point Rescue Arcade?

Point Rescue Arcade

Point Rescue Arcade is going to be one of the best new shooting games online on our website, an FPS game with retro arcade elements and style, and while the game is still in a demo version, we have found it to be very satisfying and fun, top to bottom, so sharing it with the many boys and girls here who love this genre was important, and you can now experience it yourself as well!

Step into the Point Rescue Arcade online and shoot your way out!

You find yourself in the city, having to shoot down terrorists that will appear from various places on the streets, behind vans, buildings, trash containers, and other spots. When they appear, targets appear on them as well, so move your moves over to them and click to shoot them down.

Use the left mouse button for shooting, and the right mouse button for reloading. If you take too much to shoot, or you are stuck with no bullets, make sure that the terrorists will shoot back at you, killing you, and you will then have to start again from scratch.

Do not shoot civilians, you also lose and fail your mission, which also happens if you lose all your three lives. Your avatar will move forward through the scene automatically as you keep defeating the enemies, and get back to the starting point after you lose.

You get points for all enemies taken down. Even if you die, try harder next time, as lives are at stake, and you are the only officer in charge and responsible, and we're sure you will save the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse to shoot and reload.

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