Zombie Arena 2: City Defense

Zombie Arena 2: City Defense
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Zombie Arena 2: City Defense Overview

Zombie Arena 2: City Defense

Enter the Zombie Arena and ensure the defense of your city in one of the best new zombie shooting games 3D of our website that we now offer you right at this moment, on this page, all free and unblocked, with you now surely having an amazing experience from start to finish, as you usually do in the amazing contributions to this genre that we make sure to share with you all the time!

The Defense of the City is now your duty in Zombie Arena 2 online!

In each level, you protect your little area of the city/town by defeating the required number of zombies that invade it, while making sure that they do not eat up the people walking about that are still living, because if they make too many casualties, you lose that level.

Of course, each of them gets progressively more difficult, so expect bigger swarms of zombies down the line. But, to counter that, make sure you use the money you earn to buy bigger and better weapons, defeat the undead easier with them, and be able to handle more enemies at once.

Move with WASD, use the mouse to aim and shoot, run with shift, jump with the spacebar, reload with R, and crouch with C. We wish you simply the best because all that is now left for you to do is start enjoying this amazing game for free!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, space, shift, C.

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