Penguin Run 3D

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What is Penguin Run 3D?

Penguin Run 3D

Running games with penguins is quite an unexplored niche of online gaming, but we know that running and jumping games in 3D, in general, are very welcomed by kids and adults all around, so why not the same be true for one with animals as well. We think it's even better, as everyone loves animals, and no one can hate penguins, some of the cutest birds from the Arctic region of the world!

Let's go on a 3D run with a penguin!

The game doubles down as a racing game, as there are four more penguins on the courses, controlled by the computer, and you should give your best to be the first one to reach the finish line and cross it through a combination of running and swimming.

Use the arrows to turn the direction of the animal, who runs forward automatically, and don't avoid water, as in most similar content, since penguins are better swimmers than they are runners, as they have small feet, so when you get in the water you will glide ahead with more speed against the other racing penguins.

Before reaching the end of the course, also try collecting as much fish as possible, since that is what these birds eat, and to improve upon your score and make it big. Good luck and the best we wish you, and we hope you share this game with friends as well!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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