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What is Cave FRVR?


Cave FRVR is a brand new adventure game with skill elements where you find yourself in, well, a cave, as the title suggests, and you try to descend into it as further deep as possible, since that is the exploration mission you find yourself on, and if you can also earn some rewards in return, why not do it?

Explore the Cave of FRVR!

Use the arrow keys to control your ship which has two jet engines on it, and slowly descend the cave and collects as many diamonds as you can to increase your score. If you run out of fuel, you lose, so drop on the various platforms along the way to recharge and replenish your health as well.

If you hit the rocks in the cave too many times and your health bar gets completely deleted, you will crash and burn, lose the game, and have to start it again from scratch. If that happens, worry not, you can start again and try reaching a bigger distance and making even more points than before. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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