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What is FNF FPS 2?


FNF FPS 2 is not a game like the ones you usually play in the Friday Night Funkin' Games for free on our website, since this is not a rhythm battle game, but a battle-battle one, where you, as Boyfriend, need to save Christmas by shooting down all the enemies hunting you, such as Daddy Dearest, Pico, or Lemon Demon and save 10 mini-Girlfriends. Are you up for it?

Try the new FNF FPS 2 game online!

You will go around each map and look for the ten GFs, but at the same time, you need to survive the waves of enemies attacking you from all directions, shooting them down with the weapons at your disposal, with some of them being collectible from the maps.

Move using WASD, jump with space, run with shift, aim and shoot with the mouse, reload with R, change weapons with the wheel, F to pick up items, CTRL to crouch, X to prone, and V for melee attacks.

That is the basic premise you needed to know about, as well as the game's controls, so you should be ready to give it all your very best right now, after which we hope to see you play even more of our amazing daily games!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, ctrl, the mouse, R, F, V, X.

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