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What is is one of the top new multiplayer experiences that this category of in/out games is happy to provide all of our visitors with, as we know for a fact that these are among the most searched games on the internet, but there are few which have a focus on boxing, one of the best if not the best combat sport out there, which you now get to measure yourself up in skills against players world-wide!

Become a online right now and defeat the competition!

After choosing your name and avatar, which you can change and upgrade down the road, use WASD to move on the map, and the mouse to select attacks and do them.

Search the map for resources to grow bigger and more powerful, and use that power to defeat other players, of the same level or smaller, to defeat and eliminate them.

Be careful not to get defeated by players that are bigger than you, so make sure to avoid them at any and all costs. It's as simple as that, so begin right now, have the best time possible, and don't hesitate to share the game with friends as well!

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How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the mouse.