Circle The Cat

Circle The Cat

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Circle The Cat
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Circle The Cat Overview


Circle The Cat is one of the most dynamic and cutest puzzle games you are ever going to find and play on our website, and precisely because it is as simple as it is we think that it has also resulted in a really amazing and fresh experience, so we will now explain the game's premise, helping you totally enjoy it from start to finish!

Can you Circle The Cat and prevent it from escaping?

A black cat is sitting on a map made out of circles, circles on which you click to make them dark as well, and it cannot step on those. What you aim to do is click on the circles to build a circle around the cat, making it so that it can no longer move anywhere else, and then, when it is trapped, you will have won.

If the cat manages to jump away out of the circles, it wins and you are the loser instead, of course. Cats are sneaky, so it is not as simple as it might sound, but you can believe that it will be amazingly fun and exciting!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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