Sift Heads 4

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What is Sift Heads 4?

Sift Heads 4

Sift Heads 4 is here after we've seen how much you are enjoying the Sift Heads Games previously added here, with some of them having come up as recently as today, with this being a highly-popular series of action, fighting, and shooting games series with stickmen, who always elevate experiences to whole new heights of enjoyment!

Sift Heads 4 is here, let's get ready for action!

Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim and shoot, and switch weapons with the spacebar. Some weapons come to you automatically, and some you need to collect from the various courses, where your main role is to become Vinnie, a stickman assassin, and slaughter all that stands in your path!

Yes, you have to beat, shoot, cut, and generally attack all the enemies you encounter, one after another, while trying your best to survive yourself because if you get put down by those enemies instead, you lose.

We wish you all the best, of course, and we hope that this is far from the final game in this series that you try on our website, since we have the full of it!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, the space bar, and the mouse.

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