Catch The Impostor

22.10.2022 699 12 votes

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What is Catch The Impostor?

Catch The Impostor

Catch The Impostor is here to offer you something really different and fresh into the Among Us Games category of our website, which is and always will be a fan-favorite one, as the original game it has been based on is a worldwide hit. This new fan-made game brings you the chance to do something different with these characters, so we hope you will take it!

Can you Catch The Impostor?

You will assume control of the ranger character using the mouse, holding and dragging where you want to move, and you have to bump into all the imposters running around the rooms in each level, trying to steal something. They're always being pesky, these guys.

You need to catch all the impostors in the given time for each level to pass it, or else you lose. But, if you do achieve this, you will earn gems at the end of the stage, and in the shop from the main menu, you can use them to buy new characters for you to become since new skins make a gaming experience a fresh one. Good luck, you will need it!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.