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Fancade Overview


Fancade is an arcade game online made for fans and by fans, where even you can create your own game using the game's system and sandbox mechanics, with the world being mainly composed of blocks and pixels, reminiscent of other great gaming worlds of our times, and we're sure that right now you're going to have an incredible time here!

Enter the Fancade online world where you can both play and create!

As mentioned, this game is a collection of others created by players across the globe, where you have to race, dash, jump, solve puzzles, and more, depending on what the developers imagined, with some examples being:

  • Drive Mad Kit
  • Dash Kit
  • Atomic Golf Kit
  • Fixel Kit
  • Recoil Kit
  • Wall Breaker Kit
  • Penkais Kit
  • GravColl Kit
  • Pew Pew Ball Kit

These are kits of various genres in the world of gaming that you can use to create your own mini-games, or you can enter the Quest, Battle, or Arcade modes, where already-made games like this await you, and we're sure that you will give your best at them all, earning tons of rewards along the way, and make friends too!

The world is ever-expanding and always tons of fun, so we hope you don't stop here, but invite your friends along for the ride, let them create their own games, and maybe you will play theirs, or they will play yours. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse and keyboard.

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