Hacker vs Noob: Monster School

01.11.2022 2.229 19 votes

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What is Hacker vs Noob: Monster School?

Hacker vs Noob: Monster School

Hacker vs Noob: Monster School is our latest contribution to the Minecraft Games category, which we are always trying to make bigger and better, since we know that the reason these are among the most played games here is that you love them very much, so not sharing them with you is always out of the question!

Hacker vs Noob, a battle at the Minecraft Monster School!

Today things are changing for this category, because in it you usually play the role of Noob, with Hacker being your enemy, but this time we are going in the whole other direction, as you are going to become Hacker, who means to transform everyone around the Monster School, well, into monsters!

Use the mouse to move around the town with Hacker, and bump into the blocky citizens that you meet along the way in order to transform them into zombies and start off the apocalypse, and when your target is reached, you advance to the next level, where you need to do the same, but at a higher degree of difficulty.

Use the money you earn in the shop to buy new skins for the evil Hacker. Begin right now, enjoy, and don't stop here, as many more great games are about to follow here today, all of them for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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