Tek Tactical

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Tek Tactical
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What is Tek Tactical?

Tek Tactical

Tek Tactical is a classic shooter game online coming from the old age of friv flash games, but that should be an even better reason for you to try it out, as we're talking about a classic from that era, and we can guarantee that right now you're about to have tons of fun with it, just like it had been true for our own time with it!

Play Tek Tactical online and shoot the enemies down to survive!

Use WASD/ARROWS to move around, the mouse to aim and shoot your guns, and R to reload the ammo when you need more bullets. That's quite a standard procedure for these games. Use shift to crouch, Z to use grenades, and X to use the hatchet.

Among the various enemies, you will have to defeat you have basic blue soldiers, red fellows, and yellow guys, in this order being the order of difficulty they take to beat as well.

As you advance through the courses, defeat your enemies, collect coins and treasure, get better weapons to use, and make sure to survive in order to accomplish all the missions you've been sent to. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows, shift key, X, Z, and R keys.

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