Crazy Super Bunnies

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Crazy Super Bunnies
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What is Crazy Super Bunnies?

Crazy Super Bunnies

Crazy Super Bunnies is one of the most interesting new 2-player games online on our website, we promise you is just as fun to play solo as it is with other people, so you have all the reasons to check it out right now and here, and have fun as we always make sure to be possible for you all!

Roll and jump with the Crazy Super Bunnies online!

Control your bunnies to get past pits, spikes, and other traps, or various obstacles, doing your best to reach the end of the courses, and maybe grab carrot bonuses or other kinds of bonuses even more times. You're being timed in each level, so try being as fast as possible.

You can do it by yourself, or you have another mode where you do it with a second bunny controlled by a real player, one yellow, one blue. Here are your controls:

  • Player 1: A, D to move, space to jump, F to grab and release.
  • Player 2: L, J to move, N to jump, H to grab and release.

You also have a mod where you battle each other, trying to deplete the other one's health bar completely to achieve victory, simple as that. Good luck and the best we want to wish each of you!

How to play?

P1: A, D, space, F.

P2: L, J, N, H.

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