Crazy Stickman Escape

Crazy Stickman Escape

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Crazy Stickman Escape
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Crazy Stickman Escape Overview


Crazy Stickman Escape is an escape adventure game online, as the title suggests it is, where you can play in two players since there is a blue and a red stickman to control, but you do it in turns, so you can play it all by yourself as well, utilizing as much of your mind as possible to solve the puzzles that lead to freedom!

Make the Crazy Stickman Escape a reality!

Use the ARROWS to move and jump with the blue stickman inmate, and use the WASD keys to move and jump with the red stickman inmate, the goal being to grab the keys to open the doors with their color, go through them to the next level, but before that, collect as much cash as you can too.

To switch between characters you need to use the F key. Be careful of guards, traps, and obstacles, all meant to keep you in prison, so find a way around them. There are sixty levels in total, each one more difficult than the last, but we are sure that with enough focus you will be able to clear them all and have tons of fun.

With the cash, you can buy new skins, abilities, and cool upgrades to enjoy the game even more with them on hand. Start now, and if you think your friends would also enjoy this kind of experience, make sure to invite them over!

How to play?

Use the WASD and ARROW keys, but also F.

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