Stickman Zombie Escape

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What is Stickman Zombie Escape?

Stickman Zombie Escape

Stickman Zombie Escape is a brand new platform-adventure game online we highly recommend to each and every one of you, since this is a format that you can never go wrong with, and you know that we already played this game ourselves to make sure that it is of good quality, so we will now explain it to you, after which you should be able to give it your best!

Help the Stickman Zombie Escape!

Use WAD to move and jump, and press the spacebar to attack, which you usually do with your feet, if you don't grab any weapons along the way. Knock down boxes, avoid the spikes, grab keys to open locks, and avoid zombies, all as you reach the end of each level to advance to the following one.

Each new level features a course that is more difficult than the last, but surely more fun all at the same time. Can you complete them all? Can you finally escape the world this stickman is trapped in, which is dangerous? Only by playing the game can you find that out, so start now, and don't stop, since more great games are on their way, guaranteed!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WAD keys and the spacebar.

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