Doc Darling: Santa Surgery

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What is Doc Darling: Santa Surgery?

Doc Darling: Santa Surgery

Doc Darling: Santa Surgery is the perfect operation game online for kids to play during Christmas, as the patient is none other than Santa Claus himself, who needs to get back in tip-top shape before the 24th arrives, as he needs to deliver the presents, and without good health, he won't be able to do it!

Help Doc Darling with Santa's Surgery!

As Santa is falling from the sky with his bag as a parachute, grab as many boxes as it is necessary to fill up the bar to the left and complete the first level of the game. You then play a Tetris game with the boxes, filling up the bag with them by arranging them properly with the correct shape.

Clean up Santa, do his surgery, fix up his sleigh which got damaged, treat the reindeer too, since they are also hurt, and, finally, dress up Santa to go back on mission. For most of these things, you get on-screen instructions that you simply follow with the mouse, clicking and dragging where and how you are shown, so do that and have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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