Bob the Robber To Go

Bob the Robber To Go

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Bob the Robber To Go
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Bob the Robber To Go Overview


Bob the Robber To Go is a new platform-adventure game added to the Bob the Robber Games series, which stands apart as a spin-off from the original series, and we're sure that you will have tons of fun with this new edition, where you do things a little bit differently, but they still remain as fun and exciting as ever, just like with the life of a robber!

Play Bob the Robber To Go online unblocked for free!

Use the right and left arrows to move the character, click on the hand button to check the cache for loot, and use the door button to enter them and move through the rooms of the houses you are robbing.

The goal you have for each level is to move through the platformed houses or facilities, and rob all the money that you can, while making sure not to set the alarm four times, because you will then lose.

The time it takes you to complete this mission is going to be measured, so make sure that you finish them fast if you want maybe something extra in return. There are robots, cameras, and alarms, all dangers you need to learn how to avoid!

Each new house you rob has a more complicated layout than the one before it, but your stealing and stealth skills are also going to get better, so we're sure you will finish all stages with no issues!

How to play?

Use the arrows and mouse.

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