Dig 2 China

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What is Dig 2 China?

Dig 2 China

Dig 2 China is one of the best new miner games online, where you take a hand-made rocket with a pointy end that spins in order to dig, and try to get all the way to the other Continent through the ground, an experience that your friends think is not possible, but you're down to prove them wrong, no?

Can you Dig 2 China online?

Use either the arrows or the mouse to direct your rig underground and keep digging, and press the spacebar for boost, but know that you need to have enough fuel to use it.

Through the ground, you should pick up chests, swords, and bones, as they represent money that you can earn, get the fuel as well, so you can keep going, but avoid rocks, bombs, and anchors, they are bad.

After you've done a dig, use the money you've earned from collecting treasures to upgrade your rig and make it go faster and longer, and with each new run through the underground, you will get closer and closer to reaching China!

Now that you've surely understood what and how to do it, start the game right now, and don't stop it here, the day has more surprises coming for you all!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.