Dig Dig Dig

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What is Dig Dig Dig?

Dig Dig Dig

With a game title such as Dig Dig Dig, you can already tell what you will have to do, but trust us when we say that this new addition to our website can be more special than the other digging games online you've played before, whether you play it on your computer or mobile device!

Are you ready to Dig Dig Dig?

Simply click or tap where you want your miner to dig with his pickaxe, hitting the earth, or the minerals, but know that the boulders of rocks cannot be hit through, but they can fall down and chase you through the tunnels, so know that if they hit you, you will have lost, and it is all R.I.P for you.

Of course, the more you dig, and the farther you reach, the bigger your score becomes, and you should also try to move toward the coins and grab them as well. Also, bombs can be found inside the earth as well, so go through them to have them explode a big area around you, from which you are safe, and which instead brings you more points at once, maybe even destroys the rocks.

It's quite that simple, so now that you know this all, nothing should stop you from starting the fun right away, as only here is possible to have it!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.