Push Noob

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What is Push Noob?

Push Noob

Push Noob is a game we would not have dared the chance of missing to bring it over to you into the Minecraft Games category, a page that is getting bigger and better almost daily, and we're sure that you are now going to enjoy this new format quite a lot, just like it had been the case for us!

See how well you can Push Noob!

In each level, the Noob is going to be dancing around on some kind of platform, and you get to shoot balls at him in order to push him and make him fall, and the farther and harder he falls, the more points you are going to earn in return.

With the gems that you earn from doing so, you should go back to the main menu to unlock new maps and locations where you can keep doing this and having fun, which we are sure you are going to enjoy.

Let's start all this fun right now, as it is quite simple to have it, and if you think your friends would enjoy this kind of experience as well, sharing the game with them is a must-do!


Mirra Games

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How to play?

Use the mouse.