Buddy Challenge

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Buddy Challenge
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What is Buddy Challenge?

Buddy Challenge

The Cartoon Network Games category becomes way better right now with the addition of Buddy Challenge, a game not based around a show or movie, but around the idea that we should be good people, buddies instead of bullies, and we hope that with this awesome adventure game the kids playing it are going to learn that right away!

Let's do the Buddy Challenge of Cartoon Network!

Use the arrow keys to move left and right, and you need to catch good feelings such as kindness, friend, help, care, or playing together, since they offer you 100 points each while avoiding the bad feelings such as hurting, mocking, attacking, or sadness, all of which will instead take 100 points from your score.

They drop from the sky, and you need to catch them in the box you are holding. Before the time runs out on you, try to get a score as big as possible. It's as simple of a premise as it comes, and a well-intentioned one, so we hope to see you start right now, having fun as only here it's made possible for all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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