Idle Higher Ball

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What is Idle Higher Ball?

Idle Higher Ball

Idle Higher Ball is one of the first-ever hypercasual idle games with basketball in 3D to have been added to our website, precisely why we hope to see all of you trying it out right now and here since you're going to have a guaranteed awesome time from start to finish, just like we did, which is the main reason we are now sharing it with everyone!

It's time for a game of Idle Higher Ball!

Use the mouse to drag the basketball from the swing and then release it to shoot it in the air, and when it is coming back down with speed, drag and release it again to shoot it even further into the air because the loops appear higher and higher, and the bigger distance you make towards the sky, the more points you gain.

Only if you've made enough points by the end of a course will you be able to clear it, so the more meters you make, the better, and try to catch up in the multiplier zone as well, where you need to keep on tapping the screen to dash forward.

With the coins you earn, you can buy new skins for your ball, keeping things interesting through all the levels you are going to play. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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