Sushi Grab

Sushi Grab

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Sushi Grab
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Sushi Grab Overview


If you play Sushi Grab online on our website right now you are going to see that this traditional Japanese food is not just amazing to eat, but to play with as well, even if you're doing it online, something we invite you to do right now and here, where we've already had a ton of fun with the game, so you are bound to do it also!

Let's Grab the Sushi!

The customer will come and give his order, and you need to use the mouse or finger to click on the ones he or she wants and grab them. Fill up their order before the time runs out, without making mistakes in the food you grab, because that will cause you to lose the customer and the game as well.

Instead, for each order that you grab and fill correctly, you earn money in return, growing your restaurant and your fame, as well as your pockets, of course. With the money, you earn you can also buy various upgrades, such as:

  • Increase Speed
  • Extra Money
  • More Time

Now that you've understood how simple and fun everything is, nothing should be holding you back from trying the game right now, and maybe try out even more great games of ours!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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