Soldier Of The Homeland

Soldier Of The Homeland

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Soldier Of The Homeland
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Soldier Of The Homeland Overview


Soldier Of The Homeland is now available for you to play free of charge on our website, as it is pretty known that boys really love army games with shooting, where you get to protect your own country from various threats. This premise will never get stale, even more so with such beautiful additions as the one we have now prepared for you all!

Become a Soldier Of The Homeland online!

Your rank in the army is going to be that of a ranger, who needs to go out there and identify threats, such as terrorists, and shoot them down before they can cause a big and nasty event. You work for the US army on a mission in Eastern Europe, so get yourself ready for all kinds of mess, and fun!

Use WASD to move, shift to run, space to jump, C to crouch, the mouse to aim and shoot, and R to reload ammo. Go out into the open field, find the enemies, and make sure you shoot them up because if they do that instead to you, and your health bar depletes, you lose and have to start all over again from scratch, as your mission will have failed! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, C, R, and the mouse.



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