Matrix: Ragdoll Fights

Matrix: Ragdoll Fights

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Matrix: Ragdoll Fights
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Matrix: Ragdoll Fights Overview


Matrix: Ragdoll Fights is a new ragdoll fighting game in 3D on our website inspired by the famous film franchise with Keanu Reeves as the main lead, with his depiction of Neo being the character whose role you are going to play, and we have a hunch you will love it since the movies are already known for great action pieces, and living in them through games is the next step in enjoying them fully!

Let's win the Ragdoll Fights of Matrix online!

Use WASD to move, attack using the left mouse button, and hold the spacebar while moving if you want to go faster. Of course, the ragdolls that you fight look like the secret evil agent of the Artificial Intelligence that took over the world, and you need to defeat them all and stay alive to clear a level.

Each new level gets more difficult in terms of enemies and their power, but you also have the survival mode, where you try to see just how long you can keep fighting them, with the enemies coming in endlessly.

Now that you know how simple and fun this action-packed game can be, start off right now, and don't hesitate to tell your friends about it too, they will love coming over, for sure!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, and the mouse.



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