Furious Adventure 2 Trap

Furious Adventure 2 Trap

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Furious Adventure 2 Trap
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Furious Adventure 2 Trap Overview


Welcome to Furious Adventure 2 Trap, one of the best new platform-adventure games online on our website, a game with running and jumping where you need to use your brains and your memory to finish the adventure, because there will be traps at every occasion, and you don't know where they will come from!

Go on a Furious Adventure and avoid one trap after another!

Use the arrow keys to move and jump with your character, finding yourself in an underground cavern, all styled in a retro look, where you have to go around, move, and jump, having to avoid falling into pits, hitting the spikes, or getting killed by any other kinds of traps that might appear.

Know that traps might not always be visible, such as spikes that pop out, or blocks that fall down when you touch them, so make sure to remember them if you die from them, so that the next time you cross in that location, you avoid them at any cost, and can advance even further.

Only when you have lost all the lives listed on the top left will you have truly lost, and, even then, we invite you to try again and give your best, having fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.


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