Drac & Franc Dungeon Adventure

Drac & Franc Dungeon Adventure

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Drac & Franc Dungeon Adventure
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Drac & Franc Dungeon Adventure Overview


Drac & Franc is a horror-themed 2-player platform-adventure game, where small and cute versions of the genre's favorites, Dracula and Frankenstein become the two avatars that the players have to assume control of and go on an adventure in the dungeon, where there are even more dangerous monsters than them. Let's see what this is all about, no?

Go on a Dungeon Adventure with Drac & Franc!

Use WASD for one character, and the ARROWS for the other, using them to move and jump with the two monsters. Help Drac collect the vials of blood, Frank the metal screws, and don't forget to also pick up the crystals, since you need to swipe away everything in your path before reaching and exiting through the door, your final task in each level.

You are being timed, so try to finish each level as fast as possible. Be careful of spikes and other traps and obstacles in your path, and make sure to work together to overcome them, as when you need to jump on top of each other to get to higher places, as a team would.

We're sure you now understood everything, so you should be ready and confident to start playing the game right away, after which we hope to see you around for more of our amazing games, day after day!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.


Brullworfel lab.

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